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Prominent Attorney Paul Cambria To Represent Gym Owner; Fighting For All Small Businesses

When you have to battle big guns, you bring in the biggest guns you can fight with. Athlete’s Unleashed gym owner Robby Dinero, is now being represented by attorney Paul Cambria of Lipsitz, Green & Scime, Cambria, LLP.

Dinero is leading the fight alongside many small businesses to “get our freedoms back”. After making national headlines for refusing to comply with the health department and Erie County Sheriff, he was fined $15,000 for a protest gathering he held at his gym, Athletes Unleashed.

“I think it’s really telling that five chambers of commerce have come together in support of us and said, the shut downs are not working, we’ve got to stop the shutdowns and get people back to work” says Dinero.

Dinero, had plans to host a Freedom Monday, where he was going to open his gym, against lockdown regulations. For now, that plan is off. He’s telling other business owners to ‘have faith’ and to not open tomorrow, unless they fit into what is allowed under the lockdown regulations.

Dinero wouldn’t publicly release details of what Cambria plans to do. He said, “we’ve got to let the process (the system) work, and the system is working”.

In addition he tells us, this is not just a fight for his gym, but this is a fight for the freedoms of every business in the county, and the state.

Many other businesses have come up with their own ways to fight back as well. The Quarter, owner Brandon Carr, hung a Walmart sign on his building, while joking that he should be able to open since big box retailers can. That video has since gained nearly 100,000 views on TikTok.

Tanning chain, Zoom Tan recently filed a lawsuit against the state and county in their effort to reopen.


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