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Buffalo Gym Owner Wins; Cuomo Loses Unlimited Powers, Many Restrictions Against Athletes Unleashed

JUST IN! – MORE TO COME….(Waiting on exact details).

Buffalo Gym Owner Robby Dinero has won his Supreme Court case this morning.

Dinero, represented by attorney Todd Aldinger and prominent attorney Paul Cambria argued that the NYS Legislature didn’t have the power to legislate their power away.

That’s essentially what happened when Cuomo was given unlimited emergency powers in April 2020.

Cuomo can make temporary orders for 30 days, but anything after that will now have to be reviewed and approved by the State Legislator.

Waiting on details as to exactly what is being revoked, but Dinero did win on all grounds of is suit.

During the immediate call to me from Dinero’s team after court, they informed me they are waiting for a direct explanation from Cambria, but they believe that any restrictions that were put in place over 30 days ago would be revoked. They couldn’t confirm it definitely however, and will update once they know for sure. Regardless of what happens, this is a massive win for small business and residents of New York.

UPDATE: 6:17pm – The judge has ruled that the ruling will only apply to Athletes Unleashed for this time. Friday, restaurants are back in court to seek a removal of curfew.

The win today by Dinero sets precedence for other class actions suits to follow and seek the same.

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