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VIDEO: Brawl At ‘Galleria Mall Sh*tshow’; Auntie Anne’s Employee Fight, Social Distancing Lacked

Buffalo, NY – Black Friday was just what everyone expected; chaos. At least at the Galleria Mall. While thousands of people flocked to the mall throughout the day, it was nothing but a disaster, especially for small businesses who are forced to remain closed under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s micro-cluster lockdown orders.

Facebook vlogger, Austin Marrano recorded a video showing the after math of a brawl at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, that shows cups, ice and pretzels all over the place. The video further more shows what appears to be a customer and the employee in a heated verbal exchange where you can see the employee yelling “fat ugly b*tch” at the customer.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz tweeted out that Black Friday has been light this year, although despite his comments, photos and videos show social distancing is much lacking.

Many took to twitter call out Poloncarz, for trying to downplay the situation.

A photo below in response to post by WIVB, shows a long non-distanced line in front of Game Stop.

Those tweets come as the County Executive and Governor Andrew Cuomo have come under scrutiny for allowing big box retail to open, while forcing small businesses to close all across the county.


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