Buffalo Gym Owner Fined $15k From Health Dept; Rips Up Fine On Live TV

Buffalo area gym owner Robby Dinero has been fined $15,000 for the protest gathering he held at this gym, Athletes Unleashed, this past Friday.

With attendance numbers more than the 10 person maximum gathering allowed by New York State Governor Cuomo, the Health Department tried to end the gathering, but was chased off the property by 100 small business owners in attendance.

Dinero received a surprise visit today from the Erie County Department of Health, who taped a fine notice on his door.

Dinero had a live interview scheduled with Fox News, where he spoke about the situation. While on air he challenged Cuomo and Polancarz askng why they continue to take a full salary, while telling other people that they can’t work.

Dinero is a 3 tour US Marine and plans to fight fine to the fullest extent.

A GoFundMe for Dinero has been set up and already growing fast and the money will be used to fight the fine.

Anyone interested in donating can donate here:

The incident which has gone viral can be seen here:

Watch Dinero’s live broadcast on Fox News as he rips up the article:

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