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Buffalo Gym Owner, Goes Viral Again, With Heartfelt Video: ‘You Picked A Fight With A Marine, I Will Not Stop’

Robby Dinero, has become a known name in the New York area. He’s the owner of Athlete’s Unleashed in Orchard Park, near Buffalo, NY.

Dinero first made headlines back in April, when he refused to comply with the state and kept his gym open despite lockdown orders.

He most recently made national headlines when local small business owners chased the Erie County Health Department off his property, when they tried to shut down a protest gathering.

Dinero, with the help of prominent attorney Paul Cambria, has filed a lawsuit against New York State. The suit challenges Cuomo’s powers to execute orders without proper checks and balances, as well as the constitutionality of the lockdown orders individually and in their entirety.

The case goes before the New York State Supreme Court on December 23. If Dinero wins, small businesses and restaurants would be allowed to re-open.

This video, which I’ve posted to my tik-tok, has now gone internationally viral with over 100,000 views and over 20,000 likes in just 6 hours and spreading fast.

The video shows Dinero, telling about his kids, and how he won’t give up for them. It has generated comments showing support for New York small businesses and Dinero, from people all over the globe.

See the first video that went viral:

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