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‘Creeping Cuomo’ Print Company, Sends SSamples To Governor: ‘Install Them By Anyone Trying To Date Your Daughter’

Printer expresses support for Cuomo; Sends Thanks

Rory Allen, the mastermind behind the ‘Creeping Cuomo’ heads, has sent a letter and box with samples to Governor Cuomo.

The letter reads:

“Dear Governor, As you know by now, I’ve been using the top half of your head, to help people have a laugh, during the holidays. Thankfully for my small business, this has been one of my best selling items on our website ( I’m writing to let you know that I support the job you are doing and that your fellow supporters appreciate these. It’s not easy being you, and I appreciate the tough decisions you are making to keep us safe. I’ve included some of these stickers, and would suggest that you install them at anyone’s house looking to date your daughter (which makes me think I could make these for fathers everywhere lol). Anyhow, Happy Holidays to you and yours! Best, Rory Allen”

Cuomo’s daughter made news after it was made public she was dating a New York State Trooper. Once made public, the Trooper was transferred after from his daughter, near the Canada border.

Although support from this print shop, which remains open, many small business owners are struggling, and hanging on by threads to keep their doors open.

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