Buffalo Restaurant Changes Sign To “WALMART”: ‘Now Can We Open?’

The Quarter, will go by Walmart. At least for the night.

Located on Virginia Place in Buffalo’s Allentown District, The Quarter, has been forced to go to take out only. This due to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s lockdown orders designating the establishment as being in an “orange cluster”. Under that term, gyms and personal care must close, while restaurants can’t do indoor dining.

Owner Brandon Carr, changed the sign as a joke after seeing big box retailers packed on Black Friday.

“People were allowed to cram into the malls, Targets, WalMarts, the big businesses while the small businesses of Western New York are being completely demolished even though in these big business stores there was no body running and security or watching to make sure people were wearing masks” Carr said.

“Andrew Cuomo likes to collect all the sales tax from big businesses out there and keep them alive while we are struggling and just dying in this industry” he adds.

Carr tells us the rules “do not make any sense and in matter of fact some of them are reckless”. He believes that due to the shutdown of legally opened and enforceable establishments, more people are now attending house parties, that are virtually impossible to enforce, lack social distancing and lack proper PPE.

Many businesses in Western New York have become increasingly fed up with the hypocrisies and lack of science in the second lockdown. Just recently Zoom Tan announced they were suing Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Governor Cuomo, and an Orchard Park gym owner, chased the health department out of his gym when they tried shutting down a protest.

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