Local Salon Owners Frustrated With Mall Crowds, While They Are Forced Closed: “Literally LOL”

It’s no question Black Friday was slower than any year in the past, but for the thousands that made their way through the malls across Buffalo, many small businesses are still frustrated.

Workers at Elle Salon, have been out of work due to the orange cluster zone, but sit back and watch thousands of people be able to frequent the local big box retailers is “literally LOL”.

The salon, which has locations in both Amherst and Hamburg has seen nearly 3000 clients since they were allowed to re-open in June, and according to them, there has not been a single case of covid, from any of their staff or customers, direct or through contact tracing.

“I really wish they would be more specific when they reassessed the numbers of where the cases were coming out of, and held individuals more accountable versus the businesses” one salon staff member tells us.

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