Health Dept: ‘0 Cases Traced To Gyms, Salons’; Cuomo Keeps Them Shutdown Anyway

Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday, held a press conference in Rochester, New York Wednesday addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. He announced there will be no changes for the shutdowns for gyms and salons.

This includes Monroe County despite reports from the Health Department that there has been zero cases tracked to gyms and salons.

When questioned by local reporters, Cuomo seemed unaware and stated it would be an “anomaly” if that was true. He went on to borderline bashing the health commissioner claiming he doesn’t know where the problem is coming from then.

Many towns in Western New York have been designated orange cluster zones, and no changes will be made to those designations at this time.

The shutdowns have been met with much backlash from small business owners who have been on their last leg for months. Many have been trying to survive just to keep the doors open.

Most recently, backlash gained national attention when a gym owner refused to comply and hosted a protest meeting at his facility, and then chased out the health department when they tried to shut it down.

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