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Sick Of The ‘Cuomo Crap’?; NY Entrepreneurs Launch Cuomo-Faced Toilet Paper And Novelty Site


Buffalo entrepreneurs have announced the launch of a toilet paper line and Cuomo novelty site “”.

The website features toilet paper that brands the face of NY Governor Cuomo Andrew Cuomo on every ply as well as novelty apparel and apparel showing support for local businesses.

The products can be purchased anytime online and ship out locally for fast arrival. 

These products were brainstormed as a result of many small businesses and New Yorkers growing increasingly frustrated with the lockdown regulations. 

“Small business is being shutdown, so we have to take every opportunity we can and be creative. That’s part of adapting as an entrepreneur. Now we can provide some funny stocking stuffers and laughs at Christmas as well.” reads the press release.

What do you think?

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