Comptroller Revokes Erie County Health Dept’s Ability To Collect Fines From Small Business; 100 Year Payment Plan Established

In an effort to help struggling small businesses, Erie County Comptroller, Stefan Mychajliw, announced he has stripped the Health Department of their ability to collect, cash or deposit any covid related fines.

“I’ve also established a reasonable payment plan for businesses as well. They are hurting and I’m trying to help them get through this crisis.” he says in a video released on his Youtube channel.


All fines will now go directly through the Comptroller’s office. Additionally businesses will have between 20 and 100 years to pay COVID related fines, depending on the amount assessed.

The payment scale for business fined is as shown below:

  • $1,000 or less: 20-year payment plan
  • $1,001 to $5,000: 30-year payment plan
  • $5,001 to $10,000: 40-year payment plan
  • $10,001 to $15,000: 50-year payment plan

In a press release from Mychajliw, he says “Erie County government is punitively punishing businesses and families due to inconsistent COVID related fines. The golf course where Mark Poloncarz played with his friends without a mask did not face fines. The County Executive and his friends were photographed mask-less, with alcohol and communal food in front of them. Big box stores and supermarkets can have thousands of people shop there. It is mom and pop, small businesses that are being ruined by Erie County government.”

“I am putting my foot down. Enough. Time to fight for and stand up for families and small businesses. Families are being destroyed by a so-called COVID cure that is worse than the disease itself. Businesses and community groups facing those COVID related fines now have relief with a payment plan. As the Taxpayer’s Watchdog I will never back down in the fight against big government punitively punishing small businesses,” concluded Mychajliw.

The Health Department most recently fined an Orchard Park gym owner, Robby Dinero, $15,000, for a gathering that gained national attention. Under the new terms, the owner would have 15 years to pay, at $300 per year.

Dinero has said he has no plans to pay the fine and is currently in a lawsuit with New York State over the constitutionality of the lockdown.

Mychajliw has been a vocal supporter for Dinero and especially all small businesses in Erie County and New York State.

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