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Photoshop Champ: Buffalo Dad Skillfully Crops Ex-Wife Out Of Kids Christmas Pic, Goes Viral

Divorce can bring challenges for different reasons. Needing to be good at photoshop however, is not on the standard list of things that most parents encounter. One father, took exception however.

Courtney Maloney, posted this tweet, on her twitter account, that has since been retweeted over 30,000 times while amassing over 390,000 likes. It continues to rapidly grow by the second.

The tweet shows her father, Mark Maloney, in what commenters called an “elite” photoshop job, where he cropped his ex-wife out of the photo, shifted his kids together, and posted the edited photo to his facebook page.

If that gives you a little laugh for the day, the comments will have you rolling even more.

“He just so nonchalantly said ‘*heart emoji, smile emoji’* like it was nothing.” added Courtney Maloney.

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