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Gym Owner: “I’m Not Paying The Fine”; Will Open Business Monday Against Cuomo’s Orders

Buffalo area gym owner Robby Dinero says “I’m not paying this fine”. That statement in regards to a $15,000 fine he received from the Erie County Health Department for a protest gathering he held at his gym.

Dinero, is the owner of Athlete’s Unleashed in Orchard Park. He made national headlines after local small business owners chased the Health Department and Sheriff off his property. The officials had showed up and tried shutting down his gathering.

A Health Department official returned Tuesday, escorted by the same Sheriff as the first time, with a citation for a $15,000 fine, claiming he broke Governor Andrew Cuomo’s lockdown regulations by hosting a gathering of over 10 people.

A GoFundMe has been set up to raise money to help Dinero fight the legal battle. You can donate HERE.

In addition, Dinero has started an event called “Freedom Monday” where several local businesses, including his plan to open their doors at noon, against lockdown orders.

“This Monday, November 30th… rise up and open” Dinero says. “Policeman protect the people… this is your chance to do the right thing”

He sends the challenge to code enforcement and local leaders as well. In addition Dinero questions why Governor Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz are still taking a full six-figure salary, while telling others they can’t work. Additionally, the Erie County Health Commissioner, who’s making her $200,000 per year salary and has already amassed over $100,000 in overtime pay during the pandemic.

This is about more than one person. This is about everyone’s freedoms, he tells us.

WATCH – “Meet Robby Dinero” – and learn about who Dinero is and what he stands for:

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