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Landlord Offers Free Rent to Tenants during COVID-19 crisis

Press Release: Buffalo, NY – Local businessman Tim Walton, has waived all rent payments for his tenants for April 1st rent due April 1, 2020.

Walton, who is president of TMW Properties, owns three rental properties, all with tenants that work in the service or hospitality industry, some who work at VENU or Bottoms Up, where he works. “Times are especially hard right now for bartenders and servers. They aren’t working or making any money” he said. Walton said he didn’t feel right benefiting off their money in a time like this. “I can’t profit right now, with so many people struggling. I just didn’t feel right taking their money, or making them go into debt during a crisis, while I would be getting ahead because of it. It’s everyone’s job right to band together and help each other where they can”. 

While acknowledging some property owners have mortgages and other expenses due still, Walton, challenges other landlords who are profiting, to do the same. “Everyone has the right to collect payments, but most of us are pocketing that money or reinvesting it to make more. We have to help each other out right now. There’s a lot of people struggling that live check to check and not having a rent payment right now could be what keeps them on their feet and a meal on their table.” he adds “These aren’t lazy people. These are hard working people that got caught in a crisis just like everyone one of us.”

See the full story on Buffalo Channel 7, WKBW

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