Man Dies After Trying To Vaccinate For COVID-19 With Fish Tank Cleaner

An Arizona man has died, and his wife has been hospitalized after trying to vaccinate against COVID-19 with a fish tank cleaner.

The cleaner, chloroquine phosphate, was used instead of hydroxychlorquine, which is another medicine, that could be the treatment for COVID-19.

According to Banner Hospital, “the couple, both in their 60s, ingested chloroquine phosphate, an additive commonly used at aquariums to clean fish tanks”.

Recently, President Trump and other health experts have stated that an anti-malaria medicine, hydroxychlorquine, with another medicine, could be the treatment for COVID-19.

“Given the uncertainty around COVID-19, we understand that people are trying to find new ways to prevent or treat this virus, but self-medicating is not the way to do so,” stated Dr. Daniel Brooks, medical director for Banner Poison and Drug Information Center.

President Trump tweeted about hydroxychloronique, saying it had “a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.”

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