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Former Sabre Kane Calls Out Jake Paul To Fight; Buffalo Bar, Bottoms Up: ‘You’re 0-1″

A Chippewa Street bar, Bottoms Up is giving social media followers a little laugh after calling out former Sabre forward Evander Kane on twitter.

Kane, who now plays for the San Jose Sharks, took to social media after Jake Paul defeated former NBA star Nate Robinson in the undercard fight before the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones bout.

In his tweet to Jake Paul he tells him “I’d wreck ya. Easy to beat up guys with no experience and much smaller.”, referring to the Robinsons lack of experience.

Bottoms Up, the bar where Kane had his infamous arrest back in 2016, called him out reminding him that he was 0-1 in off ice altercations.

In an interview on his podcast, Impaulsive, Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, called out Kane, by claiming no one knows who he is.

That exchange prompted Kane, to call out both brothers to fight, claiming “I’ll take the mop off your head and wipe the floor with ya”.

Since that exchange, Kane has now officially challenged both Paul brothers stating “I’ll take on any Paul brother. I don’t care who it is… you guys can pay rock paper scissors”. he challenges. “They’re both getting KO’d” he adds.

It’s unclear if any fight will happen, as Kane is currently active in the NHL.

Bottoms Up made it onto ESPN and other news stations after hilariously tweeting Kane “adios” when he was traded from the Sabres.

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