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Arizona Tea Confirms Launch Of ‘Hard Tea’

Arizona confirms the launch of Hard Tea

Arizona Ice Tea has changed the game for this summer as they confirm the launch of ‘Hard Tea’.

One of the most iconic tea brands in the world, confirmed on their twitter account “Rumors confirmed.”

Although the confirmation, Arizona had been hush on this project as there’s no mention on their website or social media as to if, or when it will make its way to the United States.

Currently the product is slated to launch in Canada.

Photo courtesy of @Moistmcbroom twitter account

Hard Tea will be the first alcoholic beverage for Arizona, who’s known for its 23oz “Big Can” beverage lines.

Arizona is a fan even for non-tea drinkers with their fan favorites, grapeade and fruit punch.

The launch into the hard tea business adds competition for popular brand “Twisted Tea”, who’s controlled majority of the hard tea liquor sales for years.

Arizona has been around since 1992 and grew popular fast amongst consumers with their popular $0.99 price point, which they’ve managed to keep despite economic inflation.

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