Tito’s making hand sanitzer so people stop using vodka as disinfectant

Tito's hand sanitizer credit: Tito's Tito's vodka credit: Tito's

Tito’s Vodka is making hand sanitizer after asking the public to not use their vodka as a sanitizer. Tito’s tweeted earlier this month asking people to refrain from using any vodka as theirs is only 40% alcohol. The CDC requires 60% alcohol for hand sanitizers.

The brand issued this tweet, after a consumer tweeted the intent to use their product as a sanitizer:

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) announced las week that they are authorizing production of ethanol-based hand sanitizers by permitted distillers.

Tito’s press release states “Currently, we are testing our formula, procuring necessary components of supplies and packaging, and preparing for production as we wait for the additional required ingredients to be delivered to the distillery. We have the ingredients and equipment on order to make an initial 24 tons of hand sanitizer over the next several weeks, and plan to make more from there as needed.”

They plan to make an initial 24 tons and will make more from there as needed.

“We are actively working with local government emergency management agencies to distribute our initial hand sanitizer batches in bulk to first responders (police officers, firefighters and EMT), hospitals (and other medical staff), and managed care facilities such as nursing homes and specialized care. We are also working to distribute it to other personnel in critical need.”

If you’re a first responder that is in need of hand sanitizer, complete this form to submit your request. Tito’s said they are working quickly to fulfill hand sanitizer needs as quickly as they can. They plan to post updates on as production increases.

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