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Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ is taking over Easter with Joe Eggs-otic is taking over Easter

People are decorating their Easter eggs this year as Tiger King’s Joe Exotic to make things a little more interesting. Fans of the show took to twitter to post their Joe Eggs-otic masterpieces.

Many noted they were creating them as part of annual decoration contests between their families and friends, with plans to take home the grand prize.

With Netflix releasing the 8th segment of the show today, it’s quite fitting to complete an Easter Sunday.

There was no shortage of different design concepts.

Some went a little more cartoon feel.

Some even made sure to add the earrings.

Some were simply a work of art.

Some made sure to have all the scenery too.

Don’t worry, he even made sure to get dressed.

Not everyone was a Picasso, but some even had the facial hair.

Some just wanted to make sure you knew their opinion on Carol Baskin.

A little touch on economics too.

Then there were even a few that just wanted to be the cool cats themselves.

But the real question on everyone’s mind:

What do you think?

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