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Bud Light Announces New Alcohol Freezie Pops: Freeze-A-Rita, Coming This Summer

The summer is cooling off before it even started as Bud Light has announced alcohol freezie pops, Freeze-A-Rita. The Freeze-A-Rita is a spin off of their ever popular ‘Rita’ drinks such as Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita among other flavors.

The new Freeze-A-Rita is a combination of a freezy pop and alcohol drink, with 8% Alc/Vol in each. The same as the drink.

A PR rep confirmed to Best Products that they will begin stocking them on shelves starting in May 2020.

The Rita brand currently includes flavors including lime, strawberry, mango, grape, peach and pineapple.

The Freeze-A-Rita will debut with the hit flavors Lime and Strawberry making it the perfect pool side ‘go to’.

It looks like this summer is going to be a good one as this is the second game changer alcohol beverage announced for this season after Arizona Tea announced just recently they will be adding “Hard Tea” to their product menus.


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