Fully-Open Florida, Records Nearly 20% Less Daily Cases Than Lockdown Stricken New York

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New York is becoming more and more locked down, but are the lockdowns really working? On Friday, New York recorded 8,005 cases, compared to Florida’s 6,674. That is even with Florida having a population of 2 million more people.

Florida has been fully open for over two months now. On September 25 Governor Ron DeSantis signed an order allowing bars, restaurants and small businesses to open at full capacity. The order also prevented local municipalities from mandating and issuing fines for Floridians not wearing masks.

New York State has many counties in new micro-cluster lockdowns which has forced the closure of many small businesses. Those closed include gyms, barbershops, salons and essentially prohibited dining at restaurants and bars.

Texas, which has minimal restrictions, has 9 million more people than New York and had nearly half the cases of New York.

California, which has been locked down as strict as New York, led the way with 15,958 cases. That’s over 3 times greater than Texas.

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