Buffalo Bills ‘Streaker’ Is Running Again

Some of you may remember Tristan Lambright. The infamous Buffalo Bills superfan who ran naked across New Era Field during the Bills’ 47-10 loss to the New Orleans Saint back in 2017.

He’s back, but this time he’s running deliveries for The Quarter, a New Orleans style bar in Buffalo’s Allentown District.

“It only seems like the thing to do to get this season started” said Brandon Carr, owner of ‘The Quarter’.

The Quarter, is just one of many bars and restaurants offering take out and delivery options during the New York State Pause order by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Carr has been helping many unemployed workers in the hospitality industry by allowing ‘guest bartenders’ and ‘guest delivery workers’ to prep and deliver meals.

Each night there’s a different worker, who gets to keep the tips from the night. Lambright was the guest this past Sunday.

The Quarter’s post on Facebook read “THE STREAKER HAS ARRIVED AND READY TO DELIVER YOUR DINNER!!! Phone lines are open. 716-322-5188 or 696-2553 to place your order. Double wings, Double Cajun Fries, 4 Beers for only $55”.

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