Buffalo Stinks! – Wind Storm Flips Porta Toilets; Contents Spill Into Downtown Streets

It’s a crappy morning in Buffalo after winds have flipped over multiple porta-toilets in the Downtown Buffalo area last night.

Multiple construction sites through out the city, had multiple units set up for on job contractors. With winds exceeding nearly 50mph, many of these were blown over into the street, causing the contents to spill out into the street.

Two Porta Toilet’s flipped over at a Main St. construction site where crew’s are working on the NFTA Rail.

As the night went on, the contents began to become a messy slush through out the street.

A Porta Toilet was blown across Exchange Street and flipped over a median, causing contents to spill out and flow downhill
Contents began to slush along Exchange Street under the 190 overpass.

Less than a month ago in this same area, a garbage truck flipped over spilling its contents into the street and parking lots nearby.

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