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SUNY Student’s Claim To Be Sexual Victims; 10,000 Petition To Remove Alleged ‘Predator’ From Campus

SUNY Fredonia is under pressure to expell a student who many are calling a “sexual predator”.

A petition has been circulating calling for the immediate removal of Max Damiani, from all classes at Fredonia. The petition is rapidly growing and reached nearly 10,000 signatures.

Multiple females on social media have publicly posted alleging Max Damiani “hacked their accounts, took their nudes and posted them online for people to see, and had these people harass these girls”.

The petition, started by Michaela Farley, reads: “As a student of Fredonia, I care about the safety of myself and all of the other students. Therefore, letting a student on campus who poses a threat against student safety and well-being and has a history of making threatening remarks of sexual assault and leaking photos of various young women would not be in the best interest of Fredonia. We don’t want a possible rapist and a person who has ruined many people’s lives walking around our campus. Let’s keep our campus safe. I’m calling on Fredonia to act because they are currently staying silent and not addressing the issue.”

Fredonia has told students they will investigate the situation, but many students aren’t satisfied with what has been done so far.

Even some Fredonia alumni chimed in:

Other tweets:

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