Buffalo Residents Planning ‘Grid Lock’ Protest Against Lockdown Orders

Governor Cuomo announced yesterday that “NY on Pause” order has been extended, local business owner and well known activist Rus Thompson, decided a ‘Grid Lock’ protest was needed.

“We plan to on circling Niagara Square and demand Cuomo to stop dictating us up here in WNY. We are not New York City” Thompson said. “He needs to realize that everything he does right now (for NYC) is crippling us up here”.

Thompson, is the co-founder of ‘Primary Challenge 2006’, and a self employed welder. “My business is closed. All my sub contractors shops closed”.

A post in the Grid Lock Protest event page has been shared nearly 1000 times on facebook. The page advises “Let’s stay in our respective vehicles. No public gatherings please”.

The plan is to “circle Niagara Square with cars, trucks or other vehicles to send a message to Cuomo, WE ARE NOT NEW YORK CITY … Stop dictating (NYC) policies for the whole state.

Thompson said “People are fed up and pissed off. Reminds me of the good times of the past”.

This is not the first grid lock protest against COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Recently, residents in Michigan protested at the capital building as well.

The protest is scheduled for Monday at noon in Niagara Square.

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