College Students File Petitions And Lawsuits For Tuition Refunds

Many college students are demanding answers to why they aren’t getting a tuition refund of some kind, after paying thousands of dollars for services they are barely able to use, and resorting to forced online classes.

COVID-19 has cancelled schools all across the country, but tuition isn’t cancelled. Not even close.

“I’ve been home for a month and just had a payment of $741 taken out of my bank account for room and board.” claimed a college student at D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY. “They just keep charging us and they aren’t even really giving us answers to what the plan is if any”.

This seems to be a general consensus as students at the school have started a petition that has already received over 600 signatures and growing.

Students at Cleveland State College have followed suit as well.

An email sent to D’Youville students read “keeping in mind the continuation of academics and all student services there are no grounds for a refund in any area.”

For the students needing money for a cheap date, that’s about all you’ll get back. The school did address parking by saying “each student who purchased a parking pass this academic year will be entitled to a relief grant of $37.50 that will be applied to their accounts”.

As far as anything else, “no refunds”. That’s no tuition refund to the tune of $44,732.

“I paid for food, paid for student activities, paid for dorms, paid fees for everything. I’m getting nothing.” said one student who asked to remain private. “It’s just comical.”

Some students across the country have elevated their concerns into a lawsuit. Students at Drexel University and University of Miami have filed a class-action lawsuit against the universities, with hopes to receive tuition reimbursement of some kind.

Students there paid on average $51,930 at Miami and $54,516 at Drexel. 

Another similar lawsuit was filed against Liberty University.

Many of these students were left out of the government stimulus checks as well.

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