Erie County Health Dept Inspector: ‘Sick Of Enforcing BS Politics And Not Data’

Many New Yorkers are sick of the politics and regulations surrounding Governor Cuomo’s lockdowns. That is now being echoed by at least one inspector with the Erie County Department of Health.

The inspector, who’s name is being kept out of this, for respect to her career, said she’s “sick of enforcing bullsh*t politics and not data”.

The inspector said that she was hired to keep the public safe, and many of the regulations, aren’t about safety at all, and many have just become pointless.

Bars and restaurants have been arguing the same. Recently 94 sued and won to stay open until 4am.

Now there’s a push by State Republicans to have the mandate removed that requires food be ordered with beer. You also can’t currently stand while eating, and can’t have more than 10 people to a table.

All of which have come under scrutiny as the State has not been able to provide the courts with any data justifying these regulations.

What do you think?

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