‘Overwhelmed’? COVID Patients Occupy Just 7% Of Capacity In NY Hospitals; 58% Are Other Patients

“Hospitals are overwhelemed” has been heard daily in New York State. If they are, you can’t blame COVID-19 for that.

Governor Andrew Cuomo in his press conference last made an announcement that hospitals were overwhelmed. He states there are 53,000 hospital beds in New York State. The State has the potential to expand and add an additional 22,000 beds, totaling 75,000.

With those numbers, there are currently (as of Thursday) 35,000 patients hospitalized in New York State. That’s 66% of standard capacity, or 46% if their was an expanded capacity.

Out of the 35,000 patients, only 4,000 hospitalizations had anything to do with COVID-19. That’s roughly 7% of standard capacity and 5% of expanded capacity.

At the height of COVID-19, the highest hospitalizations were at 19,000. Deaths out of hospitalized patients has dropped from over 20% at that time, to near 8% currently.

These numbers come as small businesses push to be allowed to re-open and some states including Florida, have been fully open for two months.

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Robby Dinero

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