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VIDEO: Buffalo Street Racing Ends With Horrific Motorcycle Crash In Front Of Massive Crowd

A massive street race turned near deadly when a motorcyclist lost controlled and crashed on a street in Buffalo, NY.

With COVID-19 cancelling almost all summer events in Buffalo, many people are taking their own approach to summer entertainment. In many cities including Buffalo, street racing is taking up a place of it’s own.

“Anywhere from 50-200 (or more) people” show up according to one person who was at the races. They are “insane!”.

As far as prices, it’s a pride thing as we’re told there’s no prize for winning, but “some betting goes on”.

With no regulations on these illegal races, sometimes things can go wrong. Sometimes they can go very wrong.

Saturday night as two bikes lined up at the start line, took off, and one driver lost control of his bike in front of the large gathering, spun out and crashed.

The driver’s name who is not being released, survived and was treated at the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Street racing has become ever popular in the past years as it’s been highlighted main stream by the popular movie series, Fast And The Furious, among many more.

Submitted video of street race in Buffalo, NY on July 25, 2020.

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