Poloncarz Apologizes To Neighbors For Protestors “inconvenience”; Ignores Struggling Business Owners, Again.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz took to twitter to acknowledge protesters in his neighborhood, apologizing to his neighbors for the “inconvenience”, but failed to once again offer any sympathy for the struggling businesses protesting.

Protests took place in front of his residence, where many frustrated business owners voiced their frustrations over recent county lockdowns.

Poloncarz, who’s an elected official, failed to mention anything or sympathize with the small businesses, most who were forced to shut down without any government help.

Many business owners have voiced frustrations that the county executive has constantly bashed businesses and rarely offers support or listens to their concerns.

Local gym owner Robby Dinero voiced frustrations with leaders making large sums of money off the pandemic, while shutting his business down at the same time.

“How can leaders accept $100,000 in overtime pay, to shut down your business and prevent you from making anything? I’d love to see these leaders say ‘you know what, you’re not able to make money, I’m going to stand with you and not take a salary. If you can’t make money, I’m not going to make money, let alone bonuses or overtime pay” he said while referring to the Governor and head of the Erie County Health Dept, Gale Burstein.

In a September press release from Erie County, it listed Burstein as collecting $103,374 in overtime pay alone, since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. The County has Poloncarz’s annual salary listed as $118,376.

Dinero’s gym recently made national headlines where him and other owners resisted to the lockdown rules.

Business owners have additionally expressed similar frustration online, with Orchard Park Councilman, Conor Flynn, who posted expressing sympathy and commended the health department for trying to shut down Dinero’s gym, rather than even mentioning or expressing support for the business owners struggling to survive.

One local business, Fresh Catch Poke Co posted their frustrations with lack of government help, on their facebook page, before being forced to shutdown indoor dining.

The sun is shining and our doors are open, but sadly for countless others today is an extremely sad day. Today thousands…

Posted by Fresh Catch Poke Co. on Friday, November 20, 2020

Another local gym asked why they’ve had 3000+ check in’s and not a single case, but was still told to shutdown and marked high risk.

Poloncarz has mocked frustrated business owners since the beginning of the pandemic and has little support.


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