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VIDEO: Vehicle Drives Over Buffalo And NYS Police Officers

A driver in an SUV just drove through protesters and a barricade of Buffalo, State and County Law Enforcement Officers.

One BPD officer and one NYS Trooper have been taken to the ECMC. No word on their condition. Buffalo Police currently have 3 people in custody as unrest and riots have begun on Bailey Avenue in Buffalo.

Protests had began earlier on Bailey Avenue near the E District Police Station.

Video below:

The video shows the vehicle drive through the police barricade. It is unclear what led up to this situation. Police did fire at the vehicle.

The people in the vehicle had gunshot wounds but it is unclear if they were hit by police or a separate incident. The passengers of the vehicle are in police custody.

Authorities are asking for the community to avoid the Bailey area.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said there was a peaceful protest that had ended, and a few individuals refused to leave and violence followed.

Brown said the protest was ended by the official organizers, who had left after it ended.

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