Buffalo Gym Owner, Former Marine, Arrested While Peacefully Fighting Against Student Mask Mandates

Robby Dinero Arrested

Robby Dinero, the owner of Buffalo area gym, Athlete’s Unleashed has been arrested after attending a school board meeting in Orchard Park.

Dinero, who first made headlines in April 2020, when he refused to comply with government lockdown mandates has been actively fighting against the Orchard Park School District and their mandates that require students to wear masks all day during school.

He was taken into handcuffs at the meeting in front of his attorney, Todd Aldinger, who was in attendance also.

Dinero took to facebook and posted the following:

I was arrested, while wearing a mask, as I attempted to attend the Orchard Park school board meeting for allegedly not wearing a mask on a previous occasion.

They just keep digging the hole deeper for themselves.

I am so damn proud of the group of parents that took off their masks and refused to put them back on tonight at the OP board meeting.

Equally proud of Kelly Hunter and the parents at the Hamburg board meeting that were maskless and refused to leave. The superintendent remained and heard them out.

If these govt hacks believe arresting me is going to slow any of this down or stop parents from fighting, they are more ignorant and deluded than we thought.

We will keep marching and I will see them again soon. FACT.

Never stop fighting // Stand in your truth.

Semper Fi!

(As an aside, don’t make this about the police making the arrest. They were awesome and are doing the Lord’s work. Please keep them in your prayers during these times.


Dinero’s attorney Todd Aldinger shared Dinero’s post with the caption:

I’d like to claim my photo credit. Also, it’s a true blessing to have Robby as a client. He struck the first real blow against Cuomo’s mandates and opened the floodgates up to numerous successful lawsuits last time they tried to fine him. Fighting back against this absurd arrest might do the same for Hochul’s mandates…or so we can hope.

Aldinger has won several successful lawsuits against New York State and former Governor Andrew Cuomo during the first round of lockdowns.

Dinero was previously fined thousands by the Erie County and NYS Health Department. The state eventually dropped it’s case against him. To date he’s paid $0 in fines.

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