Cuomo Tries To Sue Orchard Park Gym Owner; Loses Again To Dinero

After losing case after case, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Health Department filed a lawsuit again Robby Dinero.

Dinero, the owner of Athletes Unleashed in Orchard Park, once again came out victorious.

Dinero, defeated the state on December 23 and has an active restraining order in place, that prevents the State from enforcing capacity limits on his business.

They felt he wasn’t following mandates still in place, so filed a suit. Dinero says “The State felt that I was not following the mandates, like I was breaking the law so they decided to petition the court to get a restraining order on me to literally force me to follow the mandates, though the had no proof I wasn’t not following mandates”.

Since the case on December 23, he says there’s not been a single health inspector or state or county official in his gym, to check on his business, yet still got a notice saying they were trying to get a restraining order.

According to Dinero, the basis for this was based on pictures off his social media accounts. One of those photos he said was from a private birthday party for his son, with less than 10 people in attendance. The other image was taken “long before the shutdown”.

The judge struck down the request from the state, issuing Dinero another victory.

Dinero is back in court February 23, to finish his suit against the State.

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