Local Business’ Billboard: “Cuomo is KILLING our elderly and small business”

A local Buffalo business is taking their frustrations to their billboard. Holiday Sports Bar & Volleyball recently posted a photo to their facebook page of their digital sign that reads “Cuomo is KILLING our elderly and small business”.

The caption on their photo reads:

This isn’t just about us. Walmart, Amazon etc all with record sales and our neighbors and friends are losing everything who sell the SAME products! Since when has our government been able to tell us who survives and who doesn’t. The rich get richer.

The business isn’t new to creative sign dialogue, as just recently they had another, that featured a creative poem. “Roses are red, corona got us maskin’, WSPD (West Seneca Police Dept.) get that Carol Baskin.

Carol Baskin is a featured member of the hit show on Netflix, “Tiger King”

This isn’t the first time that an anti-Cuomo billboard went up. Just last week billboards were seen on the 190 and 33 in Buffalo.

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